Experience the Essence of India: Indian Barbecue Menu

Welcome to 'Mirchi' Caterers and enjoy a richness of delicious aromas and spices from our Indian-styled Barbecue Menu. We create a novel flavor in Indian cooking by performing a unique style of grilling a dish. You will explore the amazing combination of tastes when you enjoy meat roasted over the grill to satisfy every hunger you have.

Savor the Spice: Tandoori Starters

First of all, enjoy the tandoori starter selection, which is an inimitable Indian dish and is carefully marinated and made in a cloven oven in our traditional tandoor.
From succulent tandoori chicken to sumptuous paneer tikka and juicy seekh kebabs, your every mouthful will be an explosion of uncertainty and flavor that will bring India beyond its streets to your table.


Grilled to Perfection: Barbecue Main Courses

The food adventure doesn't end here for you as we present our mouth-watering barbecue mains - delicious meats and vegetables cooked to perfection over an open wood fire. Savor the renowned tandoori chicken and lamb chops, or even go vegetarian with their delightful pizza and stuffed poblano peppers.
Now, every single plate will release an aroma with a rich taste, and as we serve you the main courses – these will leave you looking forward to other events we may have. You will want more.

Accompaniments: The Perfect Pairing

Bringing together an assortment of side dishes will make your barbecue foods indispensable at mealtimes. You can also have fluffy rice, crunchy naan bread, and zesty salads along with your barbecue meals.
It doesn't matter if you are more into traditional garlic naan or hot spicy biryani rice; our accompanying side dishes match your meal and invite you into this culinary journey.

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Are you a planner who requires amazing gastronomy for your guests? Our Indian Barbecue Menu is about to hit you right. I look forward to your call or write-in any time to explore what we can offer and secure a booking with one of our representatives today. www.mirchicaterers.co.uk

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