Elevate Your Event with Live Stations: An Interactive Culinary Experience

Mirchi Caterers customers can participate in an interactive meal celebration by watching live cooking demonstrations on the spot in the mobile kitchen. Not only are live stations fun to watch, but they also give you the freedom to choose exactly what you would like. There are sizzling stir-fries, made-to-order pasta, and everything in between that will help your event to be memorable; everyone will speak about it for days to come!

Unforgettable Entertainment

Our live stations tickle your taste buds and come with food for your soul to entertain your guests. When combined with the awesome sight of our professionals working with deliverables that look more like pieces of artwork than ordinary food items, well, there is an aura of thrill and a distinct element to your event, making it a day to be remembered.


Tailored to Your Theme

Be it a wedding reception, a corporate event, or a private party, we can design our live stations to go with your theme and suit your preferences. From indigenous street food shacks to sushi bars, we generate a varied target to raise the mood of your event.

Book Your Live Station Experience

It is time to make your party more dynamic - with several live stations available. Contact our Caterers today if you are interested in organizing a Fun Cooking Interactive and want more information. Our promise to give you a dining experience that allows each one of your guests to end up feeling satisfied while at the same time being impressed is the pledge we make with our long-term commitment and the fact that we pay attention to detail.

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